trumps wall and families-923 x 615-

Trumps Wall Mexico and Cuba

trumps wall and families-923 x 615-

I’m sorry kids…dads stuck on the other side!

Okay so Trump wants to build a wall between the United States and our neighbor to the south Mexico. Oh and the Trumpman is going to make Mexico pay for this wall! How? Only Trump knows for now, maybe.

Now I’ve got a few question. Why is it if people from Cuba that make it to America in a raft are welcome to stay? Why is it people from Mexico who make it here. There’s now a rush to send them back home?

What is the big deal about setting up a better visa program to make it easier for our Mexican neighbors to check in and out for work , visits and shopping trips?  Many of our southern neighbors already have family here to visit with. Isn’t it better for us to know who’s here then to keep rules and walls that force people to sneak into the U.S.

Pretty much all of us in America are here because someone in our family tree immigrated here from some place else. Heck Trump himself could have been born in Germany if only his grandparents hadn’t immigrated to America from Kallstadt,Germany. Oh wait maybe there’s a clue here? Germany and walls?



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