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When I first created paintings for charity auctions, I hit the first big stumbling block, -what to paint?  I wanted a popular subject matter, that would sell well for the charity, I looked up the most popular themes for wall hung paintings in the home, one of the top subjects was nude, erotic, eek, can’t paint that, I have had a few goes in the past, fairly disastrous attempts at that. Lucky for me in the tops for wall hangings are also animal, pets, especially dogs, and wildlife at no 8.

According to a Art Business Today survey in 2003*, these were the Top 10 best-selling subjects for paintings in the UK:
1. Traditional landscapes.
2. Local views.
3. Modern or semi-abstract landscapes.
4. Abstracts.
5. Dogs.
6. Figure studies (excluding nudes).
7. Seascapes, harbour, and beach scenes.
8. Wildlife…….yippeee!

9. Impressionistic landscapes.
10. Nudes

I decided as nudes and…

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Curl Up With A Great Story

Whoopsie. A bit late, isn’t it? But it’s finally here, and I’m so excited. It’s a bundle, too, so that’s three sizzling hot stories! Here’s the blurb: Three hot stories with three hot teachers. Hungry for an alpha male fantasy? Look no further. Bundled together are three sizzling stories featuring college students who want to […]

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Trump and His Followers

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What is it about the Trump supporters? Okay we know that Trump is getting the lower uneducated white voter but why?

Many of the  Trump supporters I’ve talked to seem to have a whole different view of America and the world in general. I live in Florida so I get a pretty good mix of views on politics from old time southern folks and retired northeast coasters and the good old southern rednecks. Yes I can drive down route one and see biker bars and pickups flying the confederate flags. If I drive out into the more rural areas of Florida. I always seem to find the Trump signs in the yards with the big old pickups and no trespassing signs posted around.

Here’s what I’ve found out from some Trump supporters.

  • Many of them don’t like our government.
  • They don’t want gun control laws – the more guns the better.
  • They don’t want immigrants  because it makes them feel unsafe.
  • They don’t care what Donald Trump says because he’s one of them.

Well I don’t think he’s one of them unless they have a butler, a private jet and more then two homes. People follow Trump because he talks crude and acts like a high school bully. They seem to eat this style up like bad sportsmanship name calling at some child’s school sports game.

Muslims are getting a bad name because of ignorant rants from people like Trump. Trump spreads so much hate that the Republican Party should have removed him from their ticket. Trump was one of the birther pushers against President Obama. Now Trump instead of talking about issues is spreading all sorts of crazy stories against Hillary Clinton.

Muslims have been in America for over 400 years now. We can’t let people like Trump turn Americans against Americans. Many Muslims fight for and get killed for America. Remember Mr. & Mrs. Kahns son who was killed while serving in the American Military?

This is America we are great. We have many friends around the world.. Mr. Trump is plain and simple full of himself. Oh and by the way isn’t Trump buying votes by giving away free hats?

This election write someone else in or vote for someone else other than Trump.



The Pearl book cover

Back in the Day’s Before Easy Porn

the book cover a live in assistants seduction

Back in the day’s before vcr’s and disk players made watching porn easy you had to know how to read. Reading a good porn book wasn’t a bad thing. In fact it was a very relaxing way to spend some time with yourself and whoever you picked to have affair in your head with.

I remember as a little kid sneaking into my older brothers room and sneaking out some of his stash of girly mags and paperback books. If I remember right the ones I loved were by Grove Press, Green Leaf or was it Evergreen Press? I’ll have to research that.

One thing I loved about these stories they knew how to make a young man stand up at attention chapter after chapter. It was a time well spent!!!

the preachers young flock-jpg

If You want to try the old way of relaxing why not check out some of these web sites below order a book…Then pack your lunch , your book and find a private place to enjoy your work lunch break…Bet you’ll start to forget your daily troubles and who knows maybe just maybe work will be more special….Enjoy!

Greenleaf Classics

Vintage Sleaze Books

Blushing Books