Trumps Bullying Campaign Contintues

Trump bombing of other countries

Recently I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Trump the (word that rhymes with witch.)” I was appalled, but then I got to thinking. Trump always refers to Hillary as “Crooked Hillary,” as if “Crooked” was her first name. Isn’t this just an adult example of schoolyard bullying?

Today there is an active movement to reduce name-calling and bullying in the schools and yet our presidential candidate is doing it on a daily basis and allowing it to be used as part of his campaign materials. During campaigns, candidates often say and do things that we normally do not say or do in polite society. That is all a part of campaigning. But here we have a candidate doing what we are asking our children not to do. Interesting! This is his modus operandi, and even his own campaign staff can’t seem to convince him to turn down the rhetoric. Will he continue this if he is elected president? Imagine him using this technique when talking about members of Congress or leaders of foreign countries!

Is this the leader you want to represent you?

By: Marie Eggert


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