Trump Land of hot girls

2016 Election Republicans Screwed Up

This was the year many Republicans felt they would win it all. All they had to do was get someone who could tear apart Hillary Clinton.

So instead of screening and learning about where all there candidates stood on the issues they went for the guy they say is like them. Yup they picked the guy at the bottom of the barrel. The guy who knew nothing about running for president, or putting a campaign together. The guy who knew nothing about politics in America or issues around the world. They picked the guy who told them the things they wanted to hear even though most of it was made up inside his head.

This was the year Republicans had a large group of candidates to choose from. It was going to be easy to take Hillary Clinton down.

I think it could have been the year for the Republicans if only they had studied their lineup. They had two candidates which I believe would have made this a horse race right now. John Kasich and Jeb Bush were in my opinion the two guys that could have won Washington for the GOP!

Yes many Republicans didn’t do there homework on Jeb or John they just wanted a bully to go after Clinton. But if they had studied Jeb they would have found out he was a leader and a nice guy. He was strong and knew what he was doing. He was not at all like George who let his VP Dick  Cheney have too much power. It was the Republican voters fault this year for blowing this November’s election.

I was a Republican and I left the party the year Bill Clinton ran for President. Why did I leave the GOP? I left because the Republican Party was more interested in pulling the opposing party apart then they were in governing our country. The party became more and more far right with extreme views and less willing to compromise.

The last twelve years the Republicans went down a rabbit hole and they just keep going deeper and deeper. They pick candidates with wild crazy ideas instead of people with real knowledge of facts. The party is so caught up in this Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride that even some of the GOP smart cats have lost touch with reality.

The Republicans need to start acting like grownups again. They need to move towards the center. They need to learn to compromise again and stop forcing strict party views on their members. Pick people to run for office that have knowledge of issues and not just dribble flowing from their lips.

This year there is no hope for the Republicans. Once again they shot from the hip when the picked Crazy  Donald Trump. This man is 70 and acts like a 12-year-old. He has money but no know skills except slogans. If anyone say’s a criticism of him, he will lash back and  just like a child he will return it and return it and return it! He can’t seem to let anything go. My biggest fear of Donald is his love for power. He likes many leaders who are dictators, he likes to see his name everywhere, he likes to be surrounded by sexy women like kings do and he likes to be the center of attention. (Sounds like alot of the crazy leaders in the world)

As for the election. I’m not sure how Donald Trump will cope the morning after November 8th when he realizes he is not the winner he thinks he is! Just in case New York  better have some safety nets around the bottom of Trump Tower.


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