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Republicans Give Away the 2016 White House Win

A big part of the Republican Party has been pissed off since Bill Clinton won the White House. Since that Bill Clinton election many in the GOP started telling stories about the Clinton’s without much proof and a lot of lies. When you keep spreading lies for a long time some of them are bound to stick like glue. Well it worked!

Today we have a Republican Party with many members who do believe many of the lies spread against the Clinton’s and the Obama’s. The Republicans have made a big part of there base so angry over the years with there untrue stories over time, that now it’s blowing up in there faces.

At the beginning of the Republican race for the 2016 White House we had 17 GOP candidates. The angry (Tea Party, don’t tread on me,far right, hate government) side of the party wanted revenge just like a mob chanting off with her head! Lock her up! Lies like President Obama was not born in America, Hillary and Benghazi and so many untrue email stories day after day fueled the far rights hate.

So Republicans voted for the guy which spread and voiced the most hate, Donald Trump!

If Republicans had voted smart in the primaries and had listened and studied there 17 choices they would be winning the White House today.

Jeb Bush (The Smarter Bush) the nice guy not the bully loud crazy guy like Trump. He would have been the best pick this year to beat Hillary Clinton. Why you ask?

Jeb Bush is a business man (something many Trump voters like), he was the Governor of Florida, a state the Republicans would love to win. He speaks two languages English and Spanish and his wife was born in Mexico.You know Mexico the country we are friends with but Trump wants to wall off!   Jeb could have won the Latino vote something Trump will not be able to do. Jeb is a man that parents would not be ashamed to let there kids listen to or let there daughters be near.

Jeb Bush was the one person the Republicans had this year that would have put the Democrats away early.

I’m voting for Hillary…she lucked out because the far right wing of the GOP didn’t do there homework.

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