Florida AG Screws Students

Floridians lost out

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As just reported in the national news media, Donald Trump has agreed to pay the New York and California complainants in the Trump University civil suit $25 million. They will all receive a full refund, and punitive damages are included. Trump has repeatedly claimed he does not settle lawsuits and that doing so would be an admission of wrongdoing. As is the norm, when any defendant settles in a civil case it is not legally an admission of guilt.

(READ: Trump University cases settled)

Trump University’s Florida students sought to have their case included in the multi-state class action suit. Their advocate for justice, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, refused to act on the evidence presented by the Florida complainants (the same as that presented in New York and California). So her constituents will not receive a dollar from the settlement — a real punch in the gut. What is the justification?

In 2013 Bondi was photographed sitting next to Trump at a lavish dinner at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach. Shortly thereafter, she received a $25,000 donation from Trump for her 2014 re-election campaign. Their friendship is well-documented.

In the same general time period, Bondi announced that her office would not be acting on behalf of Florida’s complainants against Trump University (which was forced to drop that name as it did not meet the standards to be called a university). Attorney General Bondi needs to reflect on her inaction and the message it sends about justice in Florida.

By: Christopher Bell


Jill Stein And Hillary Clinton Set To Call Vote Recount — aussieconservativeblog

Liberals are attempting to dethrone Trump before he even sees the White House. http://americaslogicalconservative.com/2016/11/27/jill-stein-and-hillary-clinton-set-to-call-vote-recount/

via Jill Stein And Hillary Clinton Set To Call Vote Recount — aussieconservativeblog

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Dear World – Trump Not The Real President

Unlike President Obama Donald Trump is not going to be the peoples president. Trump
did not win the Americans voters approval and that is one bright shining star in our history.
Trump ran a very nasty campaign one full of lies and hate speeches. Trump let his followers say and do pretty much anything at his campaign events. (This alone should have showed America that Trump is not a leader.)

Trump was liked by the uneducated in America because he con them into thinking he was a good old boy like them.

Trump is just a salesman. Not a nice salesman either. He’s the snake oil salesman. Trump will say and do anything to win.

Well he didn’t win the voters in America. More than two million more voters have now voted for Clinton over Trump.

Wow yes Clinton got the vote of the people. Trump said over and over that our system was rigged and it just may be!

If in December the electoral college picks Trump it will prove Trumps point our system is rigged.

Trump is unfit to be president and this is what the electoral college was designed to protect us from a poor unfit person being our leader.

America and the world have to pray hard that Trump will not become president. We can’t let Trump undo all the good things that our elected by the people (twice) President Obama has done!

Trump and his family act like a Royal Family. Living with all the gold and glitz. Trump even wants some in his family to have high security clearance to U.S. information. Seems like this could lead to a dictatorship.

Trump needs to be stopped from taking office. This is not the voters pick for president! The people voted Hillary and the Electoral College should right this wrong in December!

One thing for sure Trump will not be the president of many Americans for the next four years. He was one of many who never let President Obaama be there president even though Obama won the peoples vote two times!

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Will the GOP Ever Stop The Hate?

Makes a difference

When will the Clinton haters just put the Benghazi story to rest? People upset about Hillary Clinton’s comment at the Benghazi hearing have been either misled, have poor reading comprehension or are just plain lazy. The main exchange between Clinton and a Republican senator is readily available online — go check it out.

The full context of her quote is: “With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided that they’d go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from happening again, senator.”

The implication is that Clinton said the deaths of the personnel in Libya did not matter. That is misleading. The truth is, she was saying the cause of their deaths should not be the focus of the hearings, but rather understanding how the process failed. That is how it was when 241 servicemen were killed in Lebanon in 1983, and when 13 U.S. embassies were attacked during the George W. Bush years.

She was right. The motive of the killers would not have affected the outcome of the tragedy. Better security and intelligence on the ground might have made a difference, but requests for increased diplomatic security were denied by the Republican Congress, which approved nearly $320 million less than requested by the administration.

Sen. Marco Rubio, in a debate, lied when he said that Clinton lied about Benghazi, and was awarded two Pinocchios by the Washington Post’s fact-checker for the lie.

This is the real answer to the Benghazi tragedy.

By: Dan Amedick