Trump, Tea Bags, The American Worker is Screwed

Trump wages and tea bags
Trump voters said over and over again that Trump was like them. Many when asked about stupid things he said (Trump)
answered that they didn’t care what he said. This sounds like a real smart voter doesn’t it?
Trump picks so far don’t look like they’re going to be good for the average working guy or in fact for humans to survive this earth.

Trump pick for the EPA (which protects us all from many bad dirty companies that pollute) Scott Pruitt is a joke!
This guy is a climate change denialist. Even if climate change is proved wrong someday we owe it to our children to
not make things worst for their futures (be safe not sorry).

The Donald also picked this week a guy who fights against higher minimum wages. Come on people $7.25 per hour is too much?
I know Trump and his buddies are rich and can’t relate to the average working person but think about this…

Just this week I looked at my grocery receipt and here are some cost of items below.

one box romaine lettuce 3.99
boneless chicken breast 9.99
frozen corn on the cob 4.49
package of Asiago cheese 5.49
family pack of decaf tea bags 6.99

This is just a few examples of five items that I picked up this week. Think about it a box of tea bags takes one hour of pay almost?

Trumps pick of Andy Puzder to head the Department of Labor is another set back for the American worker. This guy is use to making big bucks
for himself and profits for Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s restaurants.

If people like Trump and many in the Republican Party want people to work for minimum wage then they have to change their ideas
on government programs.
People need health care! People Need Food! People need heat! People need gas for cars or some other form of transportation? Know wonder people
sell drugs and rob people…they have to survive!

America we either pay people more or we have to give people more. So far from the people who Trump has picked looks more like it’s about big business growing in America and giving working people low wage jobs!

Make America Great Again? Sounds great but I think you all just got scammed!


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