Voters Got Conned by Trump, Comey and Russia

Conned_red sign-600 x 310-jpg

Well we have lots of questions about the election of Donald Trump. Here’s a guy from the day he said he was running for office that has showed all of us that he is a little unsteady maybe borderline crazy! From his Twitter tweets to his public campaign stops you just never knew what crazy lie he would spit out between those O shaped lips.

This guy that looked downright childish lashing out at people with opposing views on late night and early morning twitter rants.Heck he can’t even take a joke from Saturday Night Live. He is so thin skinned. (Boy what poor President Obama lived through for 8 years would have sent Trump to the looney bin).

Hillary didn’t beat Trump for one big reason. That was the FBI Comey letter. Did the Trump team know about this letter in advance? I think so! Two days before the FBI letter hit the news Rudy Giuliani made the comment that the Trump people had a few tricks left and that something big was about to happen! Well it did!

Bingo Hillary drops big times in the polls…Look at the chart below.

Clinton Trump chart after comey fbi letter

If we find out that the Trump Team did know this information in advance then we as a nation need to demand a do over election ASAP and people should go to jail!

Now we find out that Russia was behind the hacking of the leaked information about Hillary’s campaign. Which by the way Trump refuses to believe even though on the campaign trail back in July he encourage it.

I believe Trump is a danger to our American way of life. He lies pretty much constantly. His cabinet picks so far look like the who’s who’ of rich people. It looks like the only thing Trump is interested in is making corporate America run without rules. The rich get richer.

Oh yea Trump will bring some jobs back to the USA but at what price? Dirty air, polluted water, low wages, border wall just to name a few.

Trump conned his voters with a sales pitch that sounded great. (Make America Great Again). Well we are great and just maybe the Republicans will stop Trump from destroying our country.

The GOP did a good job of blocking Obama most of the time now lets hope they can do the same to this crazy guy named Trump.

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