Rich Is What It Takes To Serve In The Trump Cabinet

Nutty Trump what he like best being rich-800 x 499-jpg

I never wanted to be rich or live in a gaudy 5th avenue penthouse I just wanted to be happy.

It seems to me that this election of Trump is all about $$$ and nothing more. Trumps slogan (Make America Great Again) should be (Make American Corporations Free Again) free from regulations, no government intervention. Free to pollute and pay low wages and discriminate, just like the good old days of Donald younger years (the 60’s)

Trump is the same age as me. I’ve owned and I have managed many retail stores in my lifetime. I’ve also served two terms on a school board when I was younger I knew my employees and the people who elected me well.

As an owner I tried to pay my employees better than minimum wage. I also tried to give them any extras I could afford. As a manager of a chain store it was a different story. I had to play by corporate rules. As a manager I was giving a better health care plan for less dollars then my low paid hard-working employees. Many of those employees got around $7.00 per hour plus out of that had to pay into their health insurance if they wanted it. Each year at review time out of 60 employees one might be lucky to get a 25 cent per hour raise and some others around 10 cents. Lets face it no one working a 40 hour work week if lucky at $7.00 can live on that alone. Many of my employees had family problems. At this time of the year they didn’t have money to buy their kids Christmas gifts so some received them from local charities.

Now we elected a guy as president who prides himself on being rich (big deal). He is filling all his cabinet slots with rich people. This seems to be his only requirement for government to work in a Trump administration.

I think America took a wrong turn in this election and young and old people no matter what skin color need to start paying attention to politics more. Read books, newspapers, computer stories and listen to more than one view. Open your eyes don’t believe everything you hear or read. Trump is a good salesman in the good old days he would be called a snake oil salesman. (The one thing that makes me happy is that Trump didn’t win the votes of the voters Hillary did.)

The trouble with a guys like Trump that don’t like minimum wages. He’s rich and low wages help keep him rich. If guys like Trump want no minimum wage than government has to offer more social programs. Our minimum wage in this country is $7.25 per hour a bag of chicken breast is $9.99.

People can’t survive on low wages unless we have government programs to offset them. Some people look at government programs as paying people not to work. I say look at them as corporate well fair! It helps business compete with low wages and the programs help keep workers safe and living a better life.

America needs to be a mix of capitalism and socialism or we will not survive as a country.

We are better off today then when Bush left office…our economy and jobs are growing. Maybe not as fast as other times in history but lets face it most of us have everything we need. India is where we were at in the 50’s and 60’s so yes they should be growing faster!

America you had a choice in this election and many picked the wrong choice ( emotions over facts).

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