Trump Not So Great

TrumpMagNov16-500 x 670-jpg

The current president-elect, who ran his campaign on the slogan, “Make America Great Again,” seems to be a bit selective in whom he chooses for greatness, in spite of his pledge to “be president for all Americans.”

To cap off an already questionable list of candidates for high office, for secretary of state he has chosen an Exxon/Mobil executive who, in that office, would have the power to negotiate toward lifting sanctions against Russia, thus allowing it to move ahead with oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean. This venture has the potential of delivering billions in profits into the pockets of this particular individual, as well as to “communist” Russian president Vladimir Putin. Small wonder Donald. Trump has pledged to broaden relations with this country.

Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” seems to amount to little more than simply swapping out the present population of alligators and water moccasins for a bigger, more voracious array of denizens. If this is what it takes to make America “great” again, maybe we should opt for not being quite so great, after all. Or, perhaps greatness needs a bit of redefining.

By – Stephen L. Doll


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