Making Every Vote Count For President

electoral-college-Map-USA-300 x 300-png

Fractions of votes

A recent contributor defended the Electoral College on the basis that, if not for this Colonial-era device, the larger, heavily populated coastal states would dominate the more rural states in national elections. It’s evident that, at least at the macro level, the Electoral College ensures that a vote in sparsely populated West Virginia is worth more than a vote in densely populated California. Otherwise the popular vote would prevail and Hillary Clinton would be the president-elect.

I expect that in the writer’s view, and that of other conservatives, if we relied solely on that pesky popular vote, as does every other democracy on earth, we’d keep electing Democratic presidents. Thus, the Electoral College is a handy weapon to use against liberal-leaning voters that are heavily concentrated in the larger, more cosmopolitan and culturally diverse areas. You know, lots of minorities.

So, the critical question remains: Does the Electoral College, once designed to protect the political power of the wealthy, negate the promise of “one person, one vote”? And most egregious, does it inadvertently ensure that white voters count slightly more than non-whites? Is this why conservatives defend it so fervently?

It’s time to open the debate about how our “democracy” really works.

By – Mike Cocchiola


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