Congratulations to Republicans: This Baby Is All Theirs

baby-trump playing with his gold..500 x 649-jpg

Anger abounds

Next year promises to be a year of negativity: Tax breaks for the 1 percent. Cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Planned Parenthood axed. Climate change ignored and polluters will frack, drill and dump. Donald Trump will keep denying things he doesn’t agree with – the fact that the Russians interfered with our election should bother every elected official. It’s totally unacceptable that Russia, China and North Korea are conducting cyberattacks and leaking sensitive material – yet Trump refuses to acknowledge it. Trump voters bought a pig in a poke; if his Cabinet picks don’t give them pause, they are not looking at the big picture.

I’ve never been so upset over an election. The arrogance, nastiness, rancor and hatred displayed toward Democrats is particularly disturbing. Liberals are an endangered species. I’ve encountered upset neighbors and angry friends; when I responded to a published editorial, I was talked down to and threatened.

I wish this country to be a safe haven where all races, all religions can make the most of themselves, just like our ancestors did – not be prejudged as terrorists. I want people to have health care; fix the Affordable Care Act, don’t dismantle it. We are the only world power without health care for all.

Now Trump wants to make America great again. What he’s telling you is correct: We aren’t great anymore. We stopped caring about American values.

Trump won’t become Ronald Reagan reincarnated. Reagan would be flipping in his grave knowing that a Republican president admires Vladimir Putin, a former KGB leader.

So the poor will be poorer, the rich will be richer, the homeless will still be homeless, birth control and abortion issues will affect poor women.

Congratulations to Republicans: This baby is all theirs, and we are going to hold them accountable for everything!

By – Nanci Arnold


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