Trump Lives In La La Land

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It seems like Donald Trump believes only Donald Trump. He is given daily briefings and pretty much doesn’t read, listen or believe them. He always seems to say he know best about everything.

Now he gets upset because many of us won’t accept him as Americas President. Why should we?

We’ve known for a long time that many, many lies were being spread around from the right about Hillary Clinton. Now we no many of the stories were being pushed out by hacking from Russia. Now how much of this was known by Donald Trump? After all he said for a long time that this election was rigged. Many felt he was talking about it being rigged by Clinton and  not the Trump team! Now we need to find out how much the Trump team knew and when? Remember Paul Manafort left the Trump team before the election and he and Trump both had dealings in Russia. We also know that Trump seems to sing the praises of our enemy Russian President Vladimir Putin all the time. Let’s be honest some of the Trump team knew what was going on with the leaked emails from the Russian hacking.

Trump seems to think that the hacking had no effect on his election as president. Well we know that Clinton’s poll numbers went down as more and more of these leaks came out. So I would think this alone plus the FBI Comey letter are what gave Trump the electoral college win. Trump called it early on the election was rigged and he won because of it!

Now we are as good Americans suppose to embrace him as our president? I don’t think this will happen for Trump. Trump set the example when he went after Obama as president with the birther movement. Trump also thinks that we are going to forget all the stupid nasty hate talk he said during the campaign or the fact that he still has not showed us his tax papers.

Trump always say’s trust me what do you have to lose? We have already lost our government to a rigged president, big oil, big business and Wall Street!

Thank you Trump voters for giving our government and country away and electing a man that did not win the vote of the American people!

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Trump Not In The White House Yet But Wants Credit For Obama Job Growth

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If we gave out spin awards it would have to go to Donald Trump. This guy is not even in the White House yet but he keeps trying to take credit for jobs being added in America under President Obamas leadership. So far  Trump wanted credit for keeping Carrier jobs in America and inflated that number of jobs saved. Now he wants credit for 5000 jobs by Sprint and another 3000 by OneWeb. Read the story here….

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The Demise of Masculinity-Whats your Feelings

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Corporate Welfare Before People’s Welfare

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With Republicans it seems tax breaks for businesses is always there campaign motto. Why is this?

Republicans don’t call giving private companies incentives wrong. Yet if we give a tax break incentive to a poor person to buy health insurance they scream holy hell.

In Florida our governor Rick Scott gave incentives to the Wawa chain (Gas and Convenience Stores) to get them to move into our state. I have to agree with House Speaker Richard Corcoran who has expressed his opposition to Scotts plan of providing money as incentives to lure companies to our state.

Corcoran also points out that Wawa is in competition with other chains in our state like Race Trac and this gives Wawa an edge. Why should Race Trac, 7-11, and others not get the same deal? They have been in our state for some time now and have more locations. It just doesn’t seem fair.

Our governor may want to call it incentives but it’s welfare to private business. It’s no different giving business a money break then giving a money break to a poor or lower wage worker! The big difference is the person maybe can eat better or get health insurance or maybe both.

Now that Trump is filling his cabinet jobs in Washington DC with all the rich corporate people we most likely will see a lot more corporate welfare and less welfare for low and middle income Americans.

What a shame this would be for America

As for Governor Rick Scott I have to wonder how he sleeps at night knowing people of his state are hurting.

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Congratulations to Republicans: This Baby Is All Theirs

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Anger abounds

Next year promises to be a year of negativity: Tax breaks for the 1 percent. Cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Planned Parenthood axed. Climate change ignored and polluters will frack, drill and dump. Donald Trump will keep denying things he doesn’t agree with – the fact that the Russians interfered with our election should bother every elected official. It’s totally unacceptable that Russia, China and North Korea are conducting cyberattacks and leaking sensitive material – yet Trump refuses to acknowledge it. Trump voters bought a pig in a poke; if his Cabinet picks don’t give them pause, they are not looking at the big picture.

I’ve never been so upset over an election. The arrogance, nastiness, rancor and hatred displayed toward Democrats is particularly disturbing. Liberals are an endangered species. I’ve encountered upset neighbors and angry friends; when I responded to a published editorial, I was talked down to and threatened.

I wish this country to be a safe haven where all races, all religions can make the most of themselves, just like our ancestors did – not be prejudged as terrorists. I want people to have health care; fix the Affordable Care Act, don’t dismantle it. We are the only world power without health care for all.

Now Trump wants to make America great again. What he’s telling you is correct: We aren’t great anymore. We stopped caring about American values.

Trump won’t become Ronald Reagan reincarnated. Reagan would be flipping in his grave knowing that a Republican president admires Vladimir Putin, a former KGB leader.

So the poor will be poorer, the rich will be richer, the homeless will still be homeless, birth control and abortion issues will affect poor women.

Congratulations to Republicans: This baby is all theirs, and we are going to hold them accountable for everything!

By – Nanci Arnold