Trump Lives In La La Land

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It seems like Donald Trump believes only Donald Trump. He is given daily briefings and pretty much doesn’t read, listen or believe them. He always seems to say he know best about everything.

Now he gets upset because many of us won’t accept him as Americas President. Why should we?

We’ve known for a long time that many, many lies were being spread around from the right about Hillary Clinton. Now we no many of the stories were being pushed out by hacking from Russia. Now how much of this was known by Donald Trump? After all he said for a long time that this election was rigged. Many felt he was talking about it being rigged by Clinton and  not the Trump team! Now we need to find out how much the Trump team knew and when? Remember Paul Manafort left the Trump team before the election and he and Trump both had dealings in Russia. We also know that Trump seems to sing the praises of our enemy Russian President Vladimir Putin all the time. Let’s be honest some of the Trump team knew what was going on with the leaked emails from the Russian hacking.

Trump seems to think that the hacking had no effect on his election as president. Well we know that Clinton’s poll numbers went down as more and more of these leaks came out. So I would think this alone plus the FBI Comey letter are what gave Trump the electoral college win. Trump called it early on the election was rigged and he won because of it!

Now we are as good Americans suppose to embrace him as our president? I don’t think this will happen for Trump. Trump set the example when he went after Obama as president with the birther movement. Trump also thinks that we are going to forget all the stupid nasty hate talk he said during the campaign or the fact that he still has not showed us his tax papers.

Trump always say’s trust me what do you have to lose? We have already lost our government to a rigged president, big oil, big business and Wall Street!

Thank you Trump voters for giving our government and country away and electing a man that did not win the vote of the American people!

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Making Every Vote Count For President

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Fractions of votes

A recent contributor defended the Electoral College on the basis that, if not for this Colonial-era device, the larger, heavily populated coastal states would dominate the more rural states in national elections. It’s evident that, at least at the macro level, the Electoral College ensures that a vote in sparsely populated West Virginia is worth more than a vote in densely populated California. Otherwise the popular vote would prevail and Hillary Clinton would be the president-elect.

I expect that in the writer’s view, and that of other conservatives, if we relied solely on that pesky popular vote, as does every other democracy on earth, we’d keep electing Democratic presidents. Thus, the Electoral College is a handy weapon to use against liberal-leaning voters that are heavily concentrated in the larger, more cosmopolitan and culturally diverse areas. You know, lots of minorities.

So, the critical question remains: Does the Electoral College, once designed to protect the political power of the wealthy, negate the promise of “one person, one vote”? And most egregious, does it inadvertently ensure that white voters count slightly more than non-whites? Is this why conservatives defend it so fervently?

It’s time to open the debate about how our “democracy” really works.

By – Mike Cocchiola

Trump Still Throwing The Bull

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Not that huge

Enough is enough! Will he ever learn? President-elect Donald Trump continues to be arguably the hugest prevaricator in history. Ignoring truth, he and Stepford wife Kellyanne Conway continue the spiel that Trump’s Electoral College victory was a “landslide” and “one of the biggest Electoral College victories in history.”

In point of fact, President Obama’s totals -365 votes in 2008, 332 in 2012 – were much larger than Trump’s final 306. Even more significantly, in the past 100 years, a full 21 of 25 nominees won by more than Pinocchio Trump!

By – Steve Wolfson Sr.


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I see Germany in 1933.

You see a run-of-the-mill election.

I see an Antichrist.

You see a Republican.

I see a house on fire.

You see a faulty smoke detector.

Well, we’ll see.

We shall see.

Some day in some year,

one of us will turn to the other and say


via WE’LL SEE — judyandann’s blog

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Dear World – Trump Not The Real President

Unlike President Obama Donald Trump is not going to be the peoples president. Trump
did not win the Americans voters approval and that is one bright shining star in our history.
Trump ran a very nasty campaign one full of lies and hate speeches. Trump let his followers say and do pretty much anything at his campaign events. (This alone should have showed America that Trump is not a leader.)

Trump was liked by the uneducated in America because he con them into thinking he was a good old boy like them.

Trump is just a salesman. Not a nice salesman either. He’s the snake oil salesman. Trump will say and do anything to win.

Well he didn’t win the voters in America. More than two million more voters have now voted for Clinton over Trump.

Wow yes Clinton got the vote of the people. Trump said over and over that our system was rigged and it just may be!

If in December the electoral college picks Trump it will prove Trumps point our system is rigged.

Trump is unfit to be president and this is what the electoral college was designed to protect us from a poor unfit person being our leader.

America and the world have to pray hard that Trump will not become president. We can’t let Trump undo all the good things that our elected by the people (twice) President Obama has done!

Trump and his family act like a Royal Family. Living with all the gold and glitz. Trump even wants some in his family to have high security clearance to U.S. information. Seems like this could lead to a dictatorship.

Trump needs to be stopped from taking office. This is not the voters pick for president! The people voted Hillary and the Electoral College should right this wrong in December!

One thing for sure Trump will not be the president of many Americans for the next four years. He was one of many who never let President Obaama be there president even though Obama won the peoples vote two times!

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