Leaders like Putin and Trump Don’t Want You To Believe The Media

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Believing the cons

It saddens me to see how easily even the more intelligent among us fall prey to false news and obvious cons. I understand that people would like to believe the message they see or hear, but to so freely fall into lockstep with those who serve only their own agenda is certain to hurt our democracy in the long run. I see people quoting Donald Trump nonsense verbatim (e.g. “dishonest press”) and others who appear willing to dismiss the attack on our system by a murderous villain from Russia. Yet others attack the fact-checkers when they expose false news and cons.

What next for our increasingly divided country, a resurgence of the brown shirts?

By – Noel J. Munson


Polls Show Trump Voters Live In Another World


New polls released from PPP on the MSNBC Maddow show point out that  supporters of Trump don’t care or believe in facts. It’s not a surprise when you think about it. Trump seemed to bring out the most unhappy voters in America to his campaign stops. They believed lie after lie about Clinton and how poor the recovery been going under 8 years of President Obama.

We hear all the time today that people don’t believe or trust the media. Why? Is it because we have it hitting us 24-7? It seemed like 4 years ago anyone who was on the right only watched Fox News. Now many on the right don’t even trust Fox.  What is going on in people’s heads? Do people think life is going to stay the same year after year? If this is want people want out of living they should all be Quakers. Things change people use to watch the 6 P.M News, they also use to read a daily newspaper. Now it seems people believe just about anything they want right or wrong any place they hear it or see it

For example the trump chant of lock her up!  Turned out it was never going to happen,.

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