Trump Not The Right Example For Our Kids

Trump at desk

Shame about Trump

As a child, I was taught to respect and look up to the president. When the president came on TV, it was about something important. Now we have a president who has lied over and over again, and is still lying more and more each day. Donald Trump said, way before the Electoral College gave him the title of president, that no one on his team had anything to do with Russia. This has been proven wrong, from his own family to his campaign manager and even to his attorney general.

Our so-called President doesn’t stick up for our neighbors, relatives or friends who work in government, but he has called dictators great people. He makes nasty speeches against our free press, unless of course they’re friendly to him like Fox News. He lets poor immigrant children be taken from their parents. He insults our FBI and other government agencies. He didn’t even want to honor an American hero (Sen. John McCain) until he was shamed into it!

It’s not about political parties, it’s about America. I have voted Republican and I have voted Democrat and I’ve done campaign work for a past Republican president.

It’s the first time in my 71 years that I believe that our current president is not fit to hold that office. He sure is not an example of how we want our children to grow up! I am looking forward to a future president who tells the truth and does not embarrass us.

By: Wayne Henrich

More Americans Wonder Why Trump Became President?

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The party crasher

Trump Derangement Syndrome, a fable:

Once upon a time, America had a block party. The street was packed with smart, decent people of all political persuasions, races, origins and religions. There was lively conversation, sharp disagreement and shared laughter. It wasn’t perfect, far from it, but it was livable and hopeful.

Then a tabloid celebrity spouting hate-bait showed up. The decent people had endured party crashers before, but always sent them scurrying to society’s pathetic fringe. This new guy would surely meet the same fate.

Something strange happened instead. The new guy bellowed — Mexicans are rapists! Ban all Muslims! Look at that funny disabled reporter! I can grab women by the (crotch)! I like people who weren’t captured! A free press is the enemy!

The decent people thought his words were vile and anti-American, but many others began to cheer. They came from Heartland Avenue looking for 1950s jobs. From Old Republican Way seeking 1950s white America. Fine people from Neo-Nazi Lane arrived. A huge flock from Evangelical Trail held their noses and prayed.

Then things got stranger. A shirtless Russian stood behind a curtain nearby. A pudgy North Korean wore a T-shirt that read: Respected on the World Stage. It became Opposite Day. Europe is a foe. Russia is a friend. Dictators are strong. Democracies are weak. Lies are truth.

The decent people wondered among themselves: “What kind of deranged person would cheer for this?”

And then the party turned into a war for America’s soul.

By: Cal Massey,

Trump Dictator Traitor Treason Take Your Pick!

Trump Make Russia Great Again

Consider removal

After President Donald Trump’s diplomatic debacle with Russia, and other instances of psychological trauma, I never thought I’d live to see the day a a sitting president could best be described a “Manchurian Candidate.” Had this been Barack Obama, he’d have been impeached and run out of town within 24 hours.

How much more can Trump say or do to be tried as a traitor? (Defined as a person who commits the crime of treason by levying war against his state or country, or adhering to enemies of the United States, giving them aid and comfort.) It’s also available to remove a president from office through the law of high crimes and misdemeanors, covering allegations of misconduct peculiar to officials, such as perjury of oath, abuse of authority, bribery, intimidation, misuse of assets, failure to supervise, dereliction of duty and conduct unbecoming, or refusal to obey a lawful order.

Trump is a laughingstock to the whole world, and a picture perfect caricature of a person unfit for duty. Were he not so dangerous this would be hilarious. What more can he say or do meet the criteria for removal of office? How much more America? How much more?

By: Mike Malia

Seriously Flawed President

Checks unbalanced
When President Richard Nixon famously said, “When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal,” heads turned across the country. Put into context, that argument was not as egregious as it sounds, but it was a window into the mind of a seriously flawed president whose flagrant disregard for the rule of law led to his downfall. Nixon’s paranoia, ruthless retaliation toward his political opponents, and thuggish behavior are eerily reminiscent after the leak of President Donald Trump’s letter from his lawyers to Robert Mueller. They argue that the president is above the law, and that, combined with Trump’s assertion during the campaign that he “could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters,” should turn heads across the country.
Trump’s “lock her up” mantra, attacks on anyone perceived as a critic, name-calling, lying, and racist comments should each be universally condemned, but his voters have only rallied to his side. And his claims of being above the law, though as specious as any Nixonian violation of norms, rules, and constitutional law, will only escalate if there is no check on his behavior.

But the right, led by Fox News, talk radio, and massively funded, hate-filled conspiracy theorists, don’t seem capable of reversing course. And though our founders put into place checks and balances meant to preclude the abuse of power that Nixon and Trump embody, they failed to envision a Congress that put tribalism and power above country.
By: Laura Smith

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Trump Not Improving America

People who voted Trump thought he was right person for the job because he was a good business man. Well if they had looked into his past they would have know he wasn’t. He cheated many hard working Americans out of there money so he could get rich!

Any news Trump doesn’t like he calls  fake. That’s is why he prefers FOX News (F for Fake) because they spin the news for him!

Trump being rich doesn’t understand our government is not a business. It’s more like a service to serve the peoples needs. Our taxes pay for police, fire, roads, bridges, social security, FEMA, military, airports, port security, plus so much more.

Cutting government jobs the way Trump has been doing only hurts us Americans. He doesn’t understand that poor people need to talk to social security agents, or medicare, medicaid agents. Americans out of the country need help from our embassies from time to time. Cutting these kind of jobs puts more Americans in harms way.

Trump is not helping us. He is just destroying all the good things that America stood for!

just saying

Trump playing Games with EPA choice

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Wrong EPA choice

The new head of the EPA, appointed by President Donald Trump, is Scott Pruitt. Pruitt has said that he doesn’t believe that carbon dioxide is a primary contributor to the global warming we see. His view is in direct contradiction with mainstream climate science including NASA, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration and the EPA itself. NASA, NOAA and EPA have many top-flight scientists in their organizations who know quite well that he is simply wrong in this statement.

So what are Pruitt’s qualifications to make such a statement? He got a bachelor’s degree in political science and communications in 1990 and a law degree in 1993. In another words, he’s a common lawyer, whose closest brush with science is political science! Before entering politics he worked in private practice, where he specialized in constitutional law, contracts, insurance law and labor law, litigation and appeals. This technical lightweight apparently is ignorant to climate science.

Unfortunately, his boss Trump (who said even worse: “Global warming is a Chinese hoax”) and apparently the Republicans in Congress who supported his nomination are also ignorant to climate science. This man is an embarrassment to the EPA. His knowledge of climate science is appalling. I am truly saddened for this country that there is such climate science incompetence in such high and powerful places. A political party can make a statement about science, but that doesn’t change the real science nor make their politically motivated statements true.

By: Robert Piejak