Obama Care Why -Why Not

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Why are so many on the right afraid of helping all Americans to get health care? Simple answer is money! Republicans like to make money plain and simple. From small business to big business it’s all about money and not what’s right for most people.

Some things should not be about profit. Peoples health is not a political game of the right against the left! It’s a moral given!

The ACA or what the republicans named it Obamacare is a start for Americans toward better health care. Now it’s time to fix it not break it! So many people in Canada, England and other countries like what they have for health care. We should be looking to other countries to see which one has the best for there citizens! We don’t need to start from scratch when there are so many examples around the world!

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Trump, Tea Bags, The American Worker is Screwed

Trump wages and tea bags
Trump voters said over and over again that Trump was like them. Many when asked about stupid things he said (Trump)
answered that they didn’t care what he said. This sounds like a real smart voter doesn’t it?
Trump picks so far don’t look like they’re going to be good for the average working guy or in fact for humans to survive this earth.

Trump pick for the EPA (which protects us all from many bad dirty companies that pollute) Scott Pruitt is a joke!
This guy is a climate change denialist. Even if climate change is proved wrong someday we owe it to our children to
not make things worst for their futures (be safe not sorry).

The Donald also picked this week a guy who fights against higher minimum wages. Come on people $7.25 per hour is too much?
I know Trump and his buddies are rich and can’t relate to the average working person but think about this…

Just this week I looked at my grocery receipt and here are some cost of items below.

one box romaine lettuce 3.99
boneless chicken breast 9.99
frozen corn on the cob 4.49
package of Asiago cheese 5.49
family pack of decaf tea bags 6.99

This is just a few examples of five items that I picked up this week. Think about it a box of tea bags takes one hour of pay almost?

Trumps pick of Andy Puzder to head the Department of Labor is another set back for the American worker. This guy is use to making big bucks
for himself and profits for Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s restaurants.

If people like Trump and many in the Republican Party want people to work for minimum wage then they have to change their ideas
on government programs.
People need health care! People Need Food! People need heat! People need gas for cars or some other form of transportation? Know wonder people
sell drugs and rob people…they have to survive!

America we either pay people more or we have to give people more. So far from the people who Trump has picked looks more like it’s about big business growing in America and giving working people low wage jobs!

Make America Great Again? Sounds great but I think you all just got scammed!

Hillary Clinton Thumbs Up

Will the GOP Ever Stop The Hate?

Makes a difference

When will the Clinton haters just put the Benghazi story to rest? People upset about Hillary Clinton’s comment at the Benghazi hearing have been either misled, have poor reading comprehension or are just plain lazy. The main exchange between Clinton and a Republican senator is readily available online — go check it out.

The full context of her quote is: “With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided that they’d go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from happening again, senator.”

The implication is that Clinton said the deaths of the personnel in Libya did not matter. That is misleading. The truth is, she was saying the cause of their deaths should not be the focus of the hearings, but rather understanding how the process failed. That is how it was when 241 servicemen were killed in Lebanon in 1983, and when 13 U.S. embassies were attacked during the George W. Bush years.

She was right. The motive of the killers would not have affected the outcome of the tragedy. Better security and intelligence on the ground might have made a difference, but requests for increased diplomatic security were denied by the Republican Congress, which approved nearly $320 million less than requested by the administration.

Sen. Marco Rubio, in a debate, lied when he said that Clinton lied about Benghazi, and was awarded two Pinocchios by the Washington Post’s fact-checker for the lie.

This is the real answer to the Benghazi tragedy.

By: Dan Amedick

Trump Tick tick Bomb

Trump dangerous, emotionally unstable person

Worry about war

There are just four short weeks before the election. Many facts have been presented as to why Donald Trump represents not just an unqualified person to become president but, in fact, a dangerous option. Trump is often touted as a successful businessman who will use his skills to fix our government. The foundation of this notion is the belief that government is just another business, and that Trump’s skills will be just what the doctor ordered. In fact, government is not just a business. Although Trump is known for his “you’re fired” expression, and in his business organization can single-handedly fire or hire personnel, it does not work that way in government, where it is very difficult, if not impossible in some circumstances, to fire anyone or use this threat to get your way.

The secret of success in dealing with our own government and with foreign governments is, clearly, possessing diplomatic and negotiating skills. We simply do not get Congress or foreign countries to agree with our proposals by threatening to fire them if they don’t. Now we have two unpopular presidential candidates. The question is, which one has the personality and experience to work with Congress and the rest of the world?

Think hard on this question, for we are as close to war as we can get and we certainly should not risk electing a dangerous, emotionally unstable person like Trump. Our children and grandchildren are going to live with the potential threat of nuclear war.

Forget all the other arguments for or against selecting your candidate. Do you really want Donald Trump’s hand on the nuclear button, knowing his personality? Think people, think.

By: Richard Grove


Clinton the safe choice or Trump the wild card?


Way to judge

For those who wonder why someone would vote for a career politician with so much baggage, as opposed to a change agent who is so entertaining, I would urge them to go see “Sully” and ask themselves: In that crisis situation, would they want a pilot with 40 years experience, or someone who played a pilot on TV?

By: Edith Lasris

Trump Land of hot girls

2016 Election Republicans Screwed Up

This was the year many Republicans felt they would win it all. All they had to do was get someone who could tear apart Hillary Clinton.

So instead of screening and learning about where all there candidates stood on the issues they went for the guy they say is like them. Yup they picked the guy at the bottom of the barrel. The guy who knew nothing about running for president, or putting a campaign together. The guy who knew nothing about politics in America or issues around the world. They picked the guy who told them the things they wanted to hear even though most of it was made up inside his head.

This was the year Republicans had a large group of candidates to choose from. It was going to be easy to take Hillary Clinton down.

I think it could have been the year for the Republicans if only they had studied their lineup. They had two candidates which I believe would have made this a horse race right now. John Kasich and Jeb Bush were in my opinion the two guys that could have won Washington for the GOP! Continue reading